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AFPA NSW welcomes budget initiatives to support the forest products industry

The Australian Forest Products Association NSW welcomes budget initiatives to tackle single use plastic waste and future proof regions.

AFPA NSW CEO Sue Grau said “NSW forest industries already play a significant role in the circular economy and stand ready to play a greater role in replacing plastic.”

The commitment of more than $700 million over four years to revolutionise waste management includes the implementation of the Plastics Action Plan.

“Wood and paper products can be used as replacements for single-use plastic items and other materials that have higher emissions intensity. This will contribute to a successful transition from fossil fuels,” Ms Grau said.

AFPA NSW appreciates the continuation of support for regional recovery and funding to future proof the regions, vital for the forest products industry that employs 21,000 and is worth $7 billion to the state.

“The increased demand for timber from the housing and construction sector is an opportunity for future proofing the regionally based NSW forest products industry.

“We look forward to working with the government to assess the capacity of NSW forest industries to meet the needs of the growing NSW population in delivering both the plantation and native forest timbers,” Ms Grau said.

The original media release is here: 2021.06.23_AFPA_NSW_Welcomes_Budget_Initiatives___



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