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Committee & Staff

Our Chairman

Bryan Hayes,
Forico Pty Ltd

Our primary purpose is to represent the Tasmania’s forest industries by working on policy and related matters with governments at all levels, in the media and in communities where forestry is often a major economic driver.

Tasmania’s forest industry is diverse, and includes wood and fibre production from native forest, hardwood plantations and softwood plantations grown within the State, which is backed by a world-class forest management system that continues to deliver sustainable forest management. The formation of the organisation heralds a new era of cooperation between all parts of the industry.


James Jooste

James Jooste is a passionate advocate for regional Australia. He has spent a decade working in the media and senior government offices. From Bathurst in NSW, James has worked in newsrooms across the country from the Australian Outback to the Apple Isle in Tasmania. After a career in radio James worked as a senior advisor in the NSW Government including Chief of Staff to the NSW Agriculture Minister. James has worked across drought, flood and climate policy and is focused on unlocking the potential of regional industries. When he is not driving on country roads, he is usually in the saddle cycling on them

James Jooste Profile image

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