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Local Government Backs The Native Timber Industry

The Australian Forest Products Association NSW applauds the Clarence Valley Council’s demonstration of strong support for the native hardwood industry.

In a recent council meeting in Maclean, Northern NSW, the council emphatically rejected a motion to stop native forestry operations.

In rejecting the motion, council also pledged their support for the states sustainably managed native timber industry.

NSW CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association James Jooste said the result is a clear sign that illegal protests and misleading campaigns against the hardwood industry are out of step with community expectations.

“After being presented with factual and scientific information the Clarence Valley overwhelmingly backs the state’s native hardwood industry,” Mr Jooste said.

“It is becoming harder for illegal protestors and activists to continue leading unsafe and deliberately misleading campaigns when scientists and experts continue to tell us this is an important and sustainable industry,” he said.

Clarence Valley Council received 2500 submissions during a public consultation process into the native forestry industry.

A report by the council shows 95 per cent of respondents provided a submission “demonstrating their clear support for the timber/logging industry.”

Mr Jooste said a recent report published in August this year by StollzNow research found that the native forestry industry has a strong social license to operate.

“Community support for the native forestry industry is strong across both regional and metropolitan communities,” he said.

“When asked a yes or no question about their support for the hardwood industry, 86 per cent of people said they believe NSW native forest harvesting is a legitimate industry.

“The states hardwood industry employs 9000 people and contributes $3 billion to the NSW economy.

“Our sustainable native timber industry not only provides critical products for our housing, freight, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, mining and energy industries but supports tourism and recreation opportunities in our state forests as well.

“We welcome the evidence-based approach taken by the Clarence Valley Council in forming an opinion on the native forestry industry and welcome their commitment to supporting the industry into the future,” he said.

Media: James Jooste | 0400 406 670


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