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NSW forest industries a key part of agriculture to celebrate this AgDay

18 November 2022

NSW forest industries are celebrating ‘Innovation in Agriculture’ this AgDay 2022 while recognising that our forestry, timber manufacturing and pulp and paper industries are all essential to the food and fibre supply chain across the country and the world, Australian Forest Products Association NSW CEO Victor Violante said today.

“Forest industries are some of the biggest innovators across agriculture and primary industries, continually improving growing and forest management practices while transforming timber and wood fibre into new and essential products every day,” Mr Violante said.

“Our industries also are at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to make renewable, sustainable products as the world looks to phases out plastics and fossil-fuel based products,” Victor Violante said.

NSW forest Industries employ more than 20,000 people across the state and contribute more than $8 billion annually to the NSW economy, while producing a range of essential products that we all rely on in our everyday lives. From timber for our houses to paper packaging for food and transporting goods, forest industries are a critical industry.

“AgDay 2022 is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the tireless work of our farmers and forestry workers to produce the food and fibre products we depend on.

“I commend the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) on another successful AgDay and applaud NSW’s forest industries as an essential part of the broader agriculture sector,” Mr Violante concluded.


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