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Sale signals exciting and innovative times for NSW Forest Industries

The Australian Forest Products Association NSW (AFPA NSW) CEO Sue Grau has welcomed the recent purchase of Boral Timber by Pentarch Group.

The purchase includes Boral’s nine sawmills in NSW, making Pentarch the largest hardwood processor in NSW’s $7 billion forest products industry.

“It’s an exciting time for the forest industry in NSW especially as Pentarch is focused on innovating technologies to optimise the use of Australia’s high-value native forest resource,” said Ms Grau.

“Pentarch will be part of the sustainable hardwood timber industry continuing to provide product for Sydney’s floors, decking and stairs and vital softwood for housing frames.”

“With the purchase including Boral’s half share of the Highland Pine sawmill at Oberon, Pentarch will be operating in both the softwood and hardwood sectors. This will contribute to developing a united and strong industry voice.”

“The current pandemic has highlighted the need to secure future timber supplies in the state and AFPA NSW will continue to support businesses like Pentarch in both the development and innovation of the industry.”

“It’s great to have some good news in these challenging times for many in the forest products industry and beyond,” concluded Ms Grau.

The original media release is here: 210726 AFPA_NSW_Media_Release_-_Sale_signals_exciting_and_innovative_times_for_NSW_Forest_Industries


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